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I'm just a guy living the dream in Redondo Beach, CA. After putting in 30+ years at a large aerospace company, I am now retired, and can do what I'm interested in. My main interests are writing and music. I'm a cellist and play with local amateur Symphonies and Theater groups. I've also got the urge to wander with my lovely wife Laura. This blog is going to be mainly about our travels via RV and other means. I'm sure I'll flesh this out more as time goes on.

Bugout Part 17 – Back in the Woods


Another chapter of Bugout! From my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


Jeb and Frank stared down at the bolt cutters and the knife. They looked at each other.

“We should be armed when we are out here,” Jeb said.

“I was thinking the same thing,” Frank replied.

Jeb was crouching down, giving the bolt cutters a closer look.

“Well,” he said, “They haven’t been here for a long time, because they don’t have dirt on them. I think we’re safe for the moment, though, because whoever left them here did so several hours ago. Look at the dew on them.”

“What time does the dew fall?”

“Dew doesn’t fall, it condenses when the air gets cold enough. I’m thinking that whoever dropped these got spooked when you shined a flashlight over here last night.”

“Hmmmmm,” Frank said, rubbing his chin. “That tells me that they don’t belong to enemy soldiers. This is local scavengers.”

“You are probably right about that. I…

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Bugout Part 16 – Watch the Perimeter


A new chapter of Bugout! from my Short Story Blog

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


“Wonder who is taking this video feed?” asked Frank. Jane sat down next to him on the couch, looking at the image of the ICBM with steam coming out around it. She was trembling.

“This is too soon. Sarah is probably sitting on the freeway in creeping traffic right now. She might still be in the city center.”

“If we’ve got video like that, chances are pretty good that the Air Force already knows where this is.”

Suddenly there was a bright flash on the screen, and then the video feed went dead.

“We just got it,” Frank said. “Probably one of our stealth bombers. I’ll bet they’ve been cruising around that area for the last day or so.”

The commentator was back on the screen.

“Although we don’t have confirmation yet, it appears that we have taken out that missile facility. We also have unconfirmed reports that there are…

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Bugout Part 15 – TV Night


The next chapter of Bugout! from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:

Everybody in the room was silent, starting at the TV screens, listening to the pundits discuss the threat from North Korea. Then a man in the middle of the room broke the silence.

“C’mon, folks, the North Korean ICBMs can’t get to us. We’re too far inland.”

“Some of us have family on the west coast,” shouted a woman close to where Frank and Jane were sitting.

Jane stood up.

“Yes, both of our kids are on the west coast,” Jane said.

“One of mine is in Hawaii,” said another person.

“My son is stationed in South Korea,” said another woman. She was crying. That hushed the crowd. Another woman walked over and hugged her.

“Well, folks, I suggest we try to calm ourselves down,” Hilda said, standing up.

“I agree,” Jeb said, also standing up. “There’s nothing we can do about this now, and besides, those idiots running North…

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Bugout Part 14 – Special Bulletin


The next episode of Bugout! from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


“Oh, no,” Jane cried.

“We don’t know what happened yet, honey. Don’t jump to any conclusions. Those flashes can be seen for a long distance,” Frank said.

“It’s our little boy,” Jane said, sobbing. That was too much for Frank. He broke down and cried too. He got up and hugged Jane.

“If it wasn’t real close like Marina Del Rey, he’s probably going to be OK, honey. The wind is going to blow the fallout to the east,” Frank said, looking at her face almost nose to nose, holding her head. She stared at him with wet red eyes.

“It will be on the radio soon. Let’s turn it up,” Jane said.

Frank nodded and turned up the radio. It was on a commercial.

“Maybe we ought to have another drink,” Jane said.

“No,” Frank replied. He pulled his chair right next to Jane’s and sat down, putting his…

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