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I'm just a guy living the dream in Redondo Beach, CA. After putting in 30+ years at a large aerospace company, I am now retired, and can do what I'm interested in. My main interests are writing and music. I'm a cellist and play with local amateur Symphonies and Theater groups. I've also got the urge to wander with my lovely wife Laura. This blog is going to be mainly about our travels via RV and other means. I'm sure I'll flesh this out more as time goes on.

Bugout Part 25 – The Cavalry Arrives


The next chapter of Bugout! from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


The four soldiers that got out of the back of the Humvee stood around the vehicle with their weapons in their hands, keeping an eye on the crowd. The two officers were up on the veranda of the clubhouse.

“I asked who was in charge here?” the officer asked. He had a surly manner.

“I’m the owner of the park, sir,” Hilda said. “But we don’t have anyone formally in charge.”

“That’s going to change,” he said.

“Actually, no it’s not,” Jerry said, stepping up. “We have information for you guys. We’ll give it to you, and then you will be leaving us alone. This is still a free country, and we aren’t under martial law here.”

“And who are you?” asked the officer.

“A citizen, and a Marine,” Jerry said. “My name is Jerry. Who are you?”

“Lieutenant James,” the officer said. He was starting to calm down. “Where…

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Bugout Part 24 – Unlikely Partners


Here’s another chapter of Bugout! from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


There were two more shots after Sheriff Brown ran out the door of the clubhouse. Jerry jumped off of his seat and ran to the window.

“Jerry, don’t go by the window,” shouted Jasmine. He got down and peered over the window sill. Frank started to get up. Jane shook her head no. Cynthia and Hilda were both sitting, looking at the open door, afraid to move a muscle.

After a few minutes, the Sheriff came trotting back in. He was breathing hard.

“Hilda, did you guys post somebody in one of Jer’s old deer blinds?”

“We were going to start doing that. Even have a schedule in the works, but we didn’t start it last night,” she said.

“Jeb,” Jane said. “Remember, he wanted to hang out up there and have a couple of drinks?”

The Sheriff gave him a quizzical look, and then got a smile on his…

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Bugout Part 23 – The Two Militias


Chapter 23 of Bugout! from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


“You think somebody screwed up the radio on purpose?” asked Frank.

Jerry looked at him, and then glanced over at the bedroom door, as it slid open and Jane walked out. Then he looked back at Frank.

“Oh, I know somebody did it on purpose. They removed two diodes.”

“Oh Oh, what happened?” asked Jane as she walked over.

“Somebody disabled the radio on purpose,” Frank said. “Is it fixable?”

“Already fixed,” Jerry said. “I always carry around spare electronic parts in case something in the coach craps out. I didn’t have the exact same parts, but close enough. It works now.”

The three of them were silent for a few minutes.

“Who else knows?” asked Jane.

“You two and Jasmine,” Jerry said. “Rosie was already asleep.”

“So who could have done this?” Jane asked.

“Well, let’s think it through,” Frank said. “Who wasn’t at the Happy Hour last night?”

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Bugout Part 22 – Was it Murder?


The next chapter of Bugout from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


Cynthia collapsed against the side of Arthur’s motor home, tears streaming down her face. Frank and Jerry ran over to her and steadied her. They walked her over to a chair that was under Arthur’s awning, and sat her down. She was sobbing.

“I can’t believe he’s dead,” she said.

“We better get in there,” Frank said to Jerry. He nodded, and they went up the steps into Arthur’s rig.

“Jerry, don’t tell anybody else that you know how to operate the radio,” Frank said quietly.

“I was thinking the same thing,” he replied.

Arthur was laying on the couch. It looked like he was watching TV when something happened….it was still on.

“Look, Frank,” Jerry said, looking closely at Arthur’s face. “See the indentations? There was a pillow pushed against his face.” He pulled out his cellphone, got really close, and took several pictures with the flash on. “I…

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