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I'm just a guy living the dream in Redondo Beach, CA. After putting in 30+ years at a large aerospace company, I am now retired, and can do what I'm interested in. My main interests are writing and music. I'm a cellist and play with local amateur Symphonies and Theater groups. I've also got the urge to wander with my lovely wife Laura. This blog is going to be mainly about our travels via RV and other means. I'm sure I'll flesh this out more as time goes on.

Bugout Part 44 – Capitol Crime


Chapter 44 of Bugout! from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


“Mom, Dad, can you both hear me now?” asked Sarah. She sounded nervous.

“Yes, sweetheart, we’ve got you on speaker,” Frank said. “What’s up?”

“I’m married,” she said. Frank and Jane looked at each other.

“Who did you marry?” Jan asked.

“Steve. He’s my roommate’s cousin. You know, the one that I was staying with in Boise.”

“Is he a good man?” Frank asked. “Does he have a career?”

“Yes, Daddy,” she said. “He’s an EMT, and is working towards getting a job as a fireman in Boise.”

“You’re still in Boise?” Jane said.

“Yes, I won’t be going back to Portland. I found a job here already.”

Frank and Jane looked at each other and smiled.

“Well, congratulations, sweetheart,” Frank said. “I wish we could come right over and see you, but there isn’t a way to get there right now. In fact, they are moving us further east…

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Bugout Part 43 – A Wedding and a Funeral


Chapter 43 of Bugout! from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


Frank looked the General in the eye, waiting for a response. Jane put her hand over his on the conference room table. The others were all sitting around the conference table, looking at General Walker. You could hear a pin drop.

“So do you want to relocate us or protect us?” Jane asked.

“I want to relocate you guys, and then spread the news around,” the General said. “It won’t get rid of the enemy here…..but it will move the focus away from the town and surrounding area. Without you guys as the big villains, there are some people in the local militia that will probably just sink back into the woodwork and give up. It may break the alliance between the Southern Militia and the Islamists.”

“You are thinking that a lot of these militia kooks are only staying in the fight to get revenge on us?” Jeb asked…

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Bugout Part 42 – Chester Saves the Day


The next episode of Bugout! from my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


“What do we do now?” asked Jane, looking frightened.

“If I know Jeb, he’s about three steps ahead of this creep,” Frank said.

“Jerry and Jasmine are going to show up any second,” Jane said.

“I’ll text Jerry now,” Frank said. He pulled out his phone and sent the text.

Jerry, Jeb and the others held in Saloon by Lewis. I can see them through the window. Be careful

Frank, got it. Jeb always has other weapons on him. Maybe a diversion would help

I’ve got an idea, Jerry

Shoot, Frank

Sneak up here and shoot the tires on the Class C

Then what?

Jane and I will be outside the saloon door. We’ll tag anybody who comes out, and then go in if we need to

Good plan, be there in a minute. I’ll call Charlie so he doesn’t just cruise up there

Good, thanks Jerry

Frank snuck back…

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Bugout Part 41 – Let’s Hit the Saloon


The next chapter of Bugout! From my story blog.

Originally posted on Scagsdale's Tales:


Machine gun fire filled the air.

“Get into the Sheriff’s station,” Charlie cried. The all ran for it, and slipped into the door and back away from the windows. Except Jeb.

“Where’s Jeb?” asked Jerry?

The machine gun fire was all over the place. It was like somebody was just shooting wild, not trying to hit anything in particular.

“Whoever is manning that chopper has no idea what they are doing,” Jackson said. “They should have tagged a couple of us.”

Then there was a big bore rifle blast. Then another.

“Jeb,” Frank said, rushing off towards the window. He looked out, and saw the chopper starting to reel over to one side, out of control. Jeb rushed in the door.

“Get down, we don’t know where that thing is going to crash,” he shouted.

“What did you do?”

“I took out the pilot and copilot with this rifle. It’s…

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