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Bugout! California Part 175 – Handicap Parking

Scagsdale's Tales

Sax and Kevin took up a position under the trailer of their rig, setting up their M60s on the tripods, watching Riviera Road.

“We wait until they’re trapped, right?” Kevin asked.

“Yeah,” Sax said, checking his belt. “This is gonna be a bloodbath. We might not survive.”

“I know, but we can’t walk away,” Kevin said. “It’s our duty. I want this country to be here for my kids.”

“You popped the question yet?”

Kevin chuckled. “Playing hard to get, but Kristi won’t take that for much longer.”

“She’s a fine woman, man. Don’t lose her.”

“I won’t. Hope I live to have her as my wife.”

“You will,” Sax said.

Kevin’s phone rang. “Juan.” He answered it.

“Kevin?” Juan asked.

“Yeah. You guys ready to block up the street?”

“Engines running, rigs pointed in that direction. You’ll see them come through first, so I’ll rely on you to give…

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Bugout! California Part 174 – Attacks and Diversions

Scagsdale's Tales

Katie looked at Justin in their battle wagon, her eyes wide as the second mortar round fell, closer this time. “Maybe we’d better take Tex’s advice and backup.”

“On it,” Justin said, “but we’ll have to go out of siege mode.”

“I know, I know,” she said, firing the front machine guns, mowing down a group of Peacekeepers rushing towards them. “Better do it anyway. Keep the weapons up. We should have more people in the rig with us.”

“Look, their mortar got moved into a place I can see!” He aimed the grenade launcher and fired several grenades, hitting the mortar, blowing it apart, the ammo exploding big.

“Nice shooting,” Tex said.

“Moving back now,” Justin said, flipping the siege mode switch, the metal plates in front of the tires and windshield moving out of the way. He backed up as soon as he could, as machinegun fire hit…

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Space Opera Part 52 – Logs and Records

Scagsdale's Tales

We barely made it out the door when we heard a loud crash behind us. Klemperer rushed over.

“What the hell happened in there?” he shouted.

“The computer system didn’t like being hacked,” Nolan said. “Kicked off a lockdown, and tried to notify the Central Authority.”

“Dammit,” Klemperer said. “Did the transmission get out?”

“Stopped by the Zephyrus,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “Luckily our AIs realized what was going on in time.”

“That speed enhancement capability came in handy too,” Nolan said. “We’d still be in there if it wasn’t for that.”

“The strength enhancement might have helped us get out of there,” I said.

“Maybe, but I suspect there are limits,” Nolan said.

“One way to find out.” I walked back to the door, opening it. About five feet in was a metal door, not there before.

“That came down from the ceiling,” Nolan said. “Wonder…

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