In Our Absence . . .

Bob is busily writing about our latest RV Hunting which will be posted today and hopefully tomorrow. It’s in two parts.

One problem with writing a blog that is centered mostly on our wanderings is that we’re not yet doing any big, or small, wandering quite yet.

Bob and I just retired – in October 2013. We took the three week trip in January, starting on the first, and have now been back about a month and a half (as of today). In that time, besides doing some decompressing from the trip and thinking about it and our next steps, we’ve:

  • Had family issues with Bob’s aunt and father, and my mother (some of these are minor, some, though, are pretty major);
  • Had our granddaughter’s second birthday celebration which we wouldn’t ever want to miss;
  • Gotten our wood floors ordered, had the lovely task of packing up rooms full of books and moving furniture and then had the new wood floors installed (yay!) – they are be-yoo-ti-ful;
  • Gotten our taxes done and learned what we can afford to make (basically nothing beyond what we get from retirement) to keep our taxes in line, which includes receiving distributions from any IRA’s or other accounts (because mostly our IRA’s will trigger tax payments – we only have one Roth IRA); and
  • Continued to hunt the wild RV, which Bob will write more about.

So we’ve actually been fairly busy.  In addition to what I’ve listed, Bob is continuing his novel writing and I’ve gone down the rabbit hole on a few things, along with donating platelets to the Red Cross, going to the gym and dog walking, and enjoying finishing up American Horror Story, the return of The Walking Dead, and the Showtime three-month free pass we got from our cable company.  Episodes, anyone?

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