What’s In a Name?

So we NOW have a motorhome – woo hoo to us!

And one of my first questions to Bob was, “what will we name her?” (note the use of the feminine pronoun).  He thought this was pretty silly.

So I persisted.  “You’ve had boats – what did you name them?”

“Uhhh . . . I named the Bayliner the Bayliner.”

This was not helpful.

I had drinks with my girlfriends.  I’d been thinking about a name on the way down to Orange County and had sortof arrived at “Woody”.  My reasoning in my head went like this:

We’re going to be taking her around the country to see America – Woody Guthrie sang a cool song about America called “This Land is Your Land” and that’s a rather cool name – so maybe Woody.

Of course my girlfriends liked Woody but mostly for the sexual reference.  Getting a woody.  Uhm . . . perhaps asking alcohol fueled middle aged and senior women about this wasn’t such a good idea.

I mentioned the Woody name and my head’s reasoning to Bob – and all he could think of when he hears the name Woody is the reference to . . . you know.  When I mentioned Woody Guthrie – well, let’s just say that Woody is out.

Next I thought of Bud.  My grandfather’s nickname was Bud.  Bud’s a cool name . . . except for the obvious drug reference (okay, full disclosure – my grandfather’s nickname came about during the 1920’s when he was an itinerant musician and yes, I expect that he earned the nickname.)  So Bud’s not quite out . . . but fading fast.  Unless we want to be known as the PAR-TAY motorhome.  Although I’m not opposed entirely, the idea of a bunch of stoned (or drunk) oldsters laying around MY motorhome doesn’t really appeal to me.

You may have noted that in both cases, I’ve managed to change genders from female to male.  That’s not coincidental, as the more I’ve been in the motorhome the more it feels masculine.  So I think I’m going with that.

Of course, we could just name him  “Puddin” and be done with it.  It’s a GEORGEtown after all and we all know the nursery rhyme:

Georgy Porgy ‘Puddin and Pie; Kiss the girls and made them cry.

Would love to read some better ideas than what I’ve come up so far . . . feel free to chime right in!







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5 thoughts on “What’s In a Name?

  1. Tardis
    Cramalot Inn
    Tom Rath

    • Bob

      Perhaps Kerouac is a possibility…..but I’ll probably still just call it “the Georgetown”….

  2. I’m pleased to hear that you are considering male names. I have never understood where we came up with the idea of hanging a female name on every vehicle. Kind of smacks of patriarchy to me.

    I never used to name my vehicles. To me, names are for people, not things. I’ve never been able to understand this particular form of personification. Then I got married. My wife started out naming our vehicles by their colors, which seemed a harmless form of identification to me. So we had “Purple” and “Whitey.” Then we purchased a new car for the first time in our married lives. My wife thought her new Kia was as glamorous as a movie star and promptly named it Holly (for Hollywood). To this day, she receives compliments on that vehicle, so I am reluctantly forced to admit that it was aptly named. As for Whitey, a few months ago we loaned it out to my college student niece, who promptly wrecked the poor thing. My wife had always thought that Whitey was “male,” perhaps as a reflection of the driver thereof. It all still sounds a little silly to me.

    As for naming your new motor home, how about just “George” (for Georgetown)? To my little grandniece, “George” has only one meaning: Her stuffed monkey, Curious George. What better reference to wanderlust than an insatiable sense of curiosity? Just remember to feed him a few bananas when you fill up that fuel tank. 😉

    • Bob

      Hahahaha. I like to call it “the Georgetown”…..but Laura wants to name it something else. One of her friends suggested “Kerouac”…..not sure I would use that particular author’s name, but that does have a nice ring to it….

  3. Thanks for the ideas, I know “puddin’ ” would be a no-go, although poking Bob a bit does give me some pleasure in life. I thought of the newest royal baby and figured if they named him George, maybe the name was coming back and even gave serious consideration to calling the MH “Prince George of Redondo” to commemorate the royal baby, the Georgetown, AND where we live.

    But I think you nailed it, Uncle Guac. Curious George is whimsical but also somewhat philosophical – it talks about what I hope having the motorhome will be for us – adventures and never losing curiosity. I loved CG when I was a kid! And I’m going to love the new Curious George (or the plain old Georgetown when Bob is talking about it).

    So I dub these . . . Curious George. Now all I need is a cute monkey decal.

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