Pre-Trip Jitters and Excitement

We are getting ready to embark on our second trip in the Georgetown……or Curious George as Laura has named it.

We are going to Dockweiler State Beach for a few days. This will be the first significant drive we will take….it’s about 60 miles one way from the storage facility. It’s only about 5 miles from our “sticks and bricks” house, so we can spend some time stocking, and also have the family over for a small get together. It’s close enough that we don’t have to ask one of the kids to feed the cats….we’ll just drop by home and do it ourselves.

All the jitters are there. Will the batteries be dead after the coach sat for almost a month? Will I run into problems checking tire pressure, oil, and other things before leaving? How will the drive be? Will anything go wrong? How will hosting a party out of the coach work?

Reading forums about the Georgetown line also gives me the jitters. I have read about problems with the awning, problems with the bedroom doors, problems with the steps in front of the door, and other issues. Is our coach going to fall victim to any of those problems? It seemed really solid on our first trip, but we didn’t create much wear and tear in such a short time.

There is also the excitement. Our first trip was only a couple of nights, and it was mainly a shakedown trip, although we had a good time talking to the nice folks there.This destination is more interesting than the first trip. We will be right on the beach, not in an industrial area next to a landfill in the Inland Empire. This trip will be three nights….not much longer than the first trip, but enough time to enjoy the beach, do a little surf fishing, do a little writing, and just exist in our new home away from home. I’m really excited about that. There will still be some shakedown involved, but that won’t be the main focus of the trip this time.

I’m a “check lists” person, and have already been working through items. This afternoon will be busy for both Laura and me. Packing, loading the car, grocery shopping, loading the ice chest, charging up electronics, precooking meat for chili. We’ll be tired by the end of the day, which will hopefully help us to get a good night’s sleep.

So Curious George gets its first outing with the new name. Wish us luck!


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5 thoughts on “Pre-Trip Jitters and Excitement

  1. Good luck!! I so remember our first outing with our new MH. We only went about 10 miles to a state park but we still had to back the unit into its spot and hook up the power. It was great fun. This was the first and last time I used the propane oven. I use it for storage now and only use the convection oven. Can’t wait to hear how it goes:)

    • Bob

      Thanks! We have an oven too…..I turned it on (lit pilot) just to make sure it would work. We like frozen pizza, so we are hoping it will work for that.

  2. Thanks! We’re going to have fun using the CROCKPOT for chili making this time. This will be part of the get-together. Hopefully all will go great, but I guess the best part is – if we’re missing anything, we’ll be dropping by home to feed those cats and get anything else we need. It ain’t exactly boondocking.

  3. I like the name you have picked Curious George. 🙂 How do you like your Georgetown? Kevin and I are serious thinking of purchasing one in Texas.

    • Bob

      We really like our Georgetown so far. It’s about mid level (for a gasser). No major problems so far. A few little things. I haven’t run into anything that would cause me to take it to the dealer yet. Drives nice. Some people are talking about doing that CHF suspension fix, but mine doesn’t need it. Drove on bumpy I-10 at over 65 on the way here with one hand on the wheel. No problem… issues with trucks either. The V-10 has a lot of guts. We got a lot of rain and wind last night(wind still going now). No leaks that I can find.

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