Bugout! California Part 66 – Ammo Run

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales


Gil parked the blue coach in the cow pasture, between the red coach and the gray coach.

“Why here?” Tisha asked. “There’s more room over there.”

“My friends are in the coaches on either side,” Gil said. “C’mon.”

They went out the door, into the cool darkness. Robbie and Morgan were there to greet them, Justin and Katie following a moment later.

“You made it!” Robbie said. “Any problems on the road?”

“Not a one,” Gil said. “You remember Tisha, right?”

“Of course,” Robbie said. Morgan smiled at her.

“Hey, brother,” Justin said.

‘Hi, Gil,” Katie said. “Hi, Tisha.”

“Hi yourself,” Tisha said, smiling, getting closer to Gil.

“Who’s still out there?” Gil asked.

“Only Tex’s coach and Ted’s coach,” Robbie said.

“Should we be worried?” Tisha asked.

“Tex’s coach was last to leave,” Justin said. “Ted should’ve been here by now, though. Something might have happened. I saw Jules…

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