Bugout! California Part 73 – Tense Agreement

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales


The horde of Islamists and UN Peacekeepers huddled behind the ruined vehicles, as the cowboys rode in from all directions, Winchesters and Sharps Rifles pointed at them. AK-47s were tossed out.

“Don’t shoot,” yelled a man in a French accent.

“Where’s the rest of you?” Garrett asked. “Lie and we’ll slaughter you.”

“What others?” the man asked, standing up.

“I said don’t lie,” Garrett said, shooting the man in the head. The other enemy fighters hunkered down, trembling.

“Maybe he wasn’t lying,” Sarah whispered to John.

“Oh, he was lying all right,” John said. “I trust Garrett on this.”

“Anybody else going to answer my question?” Garrett shouted.

Several of the cowboys dismounted and gathered up the AK-47s.

“Okay, come out with your hands up,” Garrett barked. The Islamists and remaining UN Peacekeepers slowly got to their feet, hands in the air, and came out, forming a line in front…

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