Bugout! California Part 76 – Road Block in Greenfield

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales


Sam was already awake when the sun came up. He got out of bed and dressed, then checked his M60 and his handgun. There was the sound of vehicles outside. He looked out the window onto the driveway below just in time to see Tyler and James pulling up two of Ji-Ho’s Jeeps.

There was a soft knock at the door.

“You up?” Sid asked.

“Yeah, I’m up,” Sam said as he tied his shoes. He went out the door and followed Sid down the stairs.

“Yvonne’s not going?”

“I talked her into staying here,” Sid said. “Us leaving will make this location a little short on firepower.”

“Makes sense,” Sam said. “Four of us are enough.”

“It’ll be five,” Sid said. “Ryan’s coming too.”

“Oh,” Sam said. “Probably a good thing. That kid is fast.”

“CIF Champion,” Sid said. “We’re bringing bows, too.”

They went out the front door…

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