Bugout! California Part 78 – Citizens United

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales


Jules snickered as the intense stream of .50 cal fire cut into the line of Gaz Tigrs on the road.

“My God,” Shelly said, watching from behind Jules’s seat. Sparky was in the passenger seat manning the forward machine guns, taking out the few enemy fighters able to flee out of the ruined vehicles.

“Shelly, text to hold fire on mini-guns,” Jules shouted. “Save for assault on base. These done.”

Jules drove forward as she sent the text, pushing one of the ruined vehicles out of the way with the massive coach, clearing a space for the others to follow.

“Well, they obviously knew we were coming,” Sparky said. “And they knew what direction, too.”

“Yeah, that worries me,” Dana said from further back in the coach, M60 at the ready. “Seems like a trap.”

“We foiled it, if that’s what it was,” Sparky said. “Keep your eyes open. I…

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