Bugout! California Part 81 – Interstate 8

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales


Ji-Ho sat on the veranda, trying to deal with the pain in his gut. It was happening more often now. Throbbing pain, making him feel faint, then slowly going away. So far it hadn’t hit him during a battle, but still, it made sense to start off-loading more and more to Kaylee and Trevor. He knew he’d have to tell Kaylee eventually. That scared him, but not as much as the other part. Not as much as what happened to her parents.

Clem and John walked over together.

“Ji-Ho, you’re still up?”

“Yes, am,” he replied. “Have seat. Want drink?”

“I’m staying on the wagon,” John said. “Promised. Just as well anyway. Seems like we’re always right on the verge of an attack. It’s dangerous not to have a clear head these days.”

Clem sat on a chair next to the rail, opposite of Ji-Ho, facing the house. “I’m actually…

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