Bugout! California Part 92 – Leaves on Fire

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Sid was at the mortars with several warriors, directing fire, when he saw a group of Islamists rushing by, not noticing their position.

“Hey, look,” Sid whispered, grabbing his BAR. He took off running behind them, firing, killing all but two of the enemy fighters. Zac left the mortar and rushed behind him with his AK-47.

“Get back on that mortar,” Sid said. “I’ll get this. I’ve got Yvonne and a few others up on the side of that hill there. I’ll make sure I force them in that direction.”

“Okay,” Zac said, rushing back.

Sid felt the hackles on the back of his neck rise, and looked for cover. A group of about twenty Islamists rushed by. The two who survived the first volley slipped out and pointed in Sid’s direction. They turned, rushing towards him, and he opened fire, spewing 30-06 rounds at them, taking out about half…

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