Bugout! California Part 93 – The Hayloft

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Trevor looked around in a panic for the big boom as he pulled the coach forward.

“Seth’s fine, honey,” Kaylee said, just before she fired another volley out the gun slit with the M60.

“Look, that Gaz Tigr behind the curtain of flames is looking for a way out,” Trevor said. “I’m gonna shoot it with the mini-gun.”

“Might not want to waste the ammo,” Kaylee shouted. “It’s gonna burn up anyway. The fire is all the way down the highway on this side and growing fast.”

Suddenly there was another big boom, and the Gaz Tigr blew sky high.

“What the hell is that?” Trevor asked. “Look at all that smoke!”

“I smell black powder,” Kaylee said. “Garrett’s men are here.”

There was another boom, and one of the buildings in the compound lost a wall on one side, then a hail of bullets hit the UN Peacekeepers and…

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