Bugout! California Part 100 – Legacy

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

“We need to give this kid a proper burial,” Garrett said, staring at the user name and password scratched into the wall, above the bed where Hasan’s body lay. The others were gathered, staring, trying to avoid looking at the gore which used to be Hasan’s face.

“I think we could’ve turned him to our side,” Anna said.

“Looks to me like we did,” Garrett said.

“I agree,” Sid said, “but what can we do with this? We don’t know what system this user name and password are for.”

“Ivan might,” Sam said, taking his own set of pictures of the scrawled data. He texted the pictures to Ivan.

“Good thinking,” Garrett said. “Let’s get this cleaned up.

The women left the room, and the men gently picked up Hasan’s body and carried it outside. Anna followed with a few of the others.

“Where?” Sid asked.

“Shed, for now,” Garrett…

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