Bugout! California Part 105 – Santa Cruz

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Tyler, James, and Ryan were on horseback, with Garrett and about thirty of his men. They were on their way to intercept the four icons they saw coming south from Barrett Lake, riding through the desert with its low ridges and dry river beds. Nobody had been able to raise Ed, so they all assumed he was being held by Black Crow.

“You guys did a good job breaking these horses,” Garrett said.

“Thanks,” Ryan said. “They’re barely even winded.”

“Seriously,” James said. He glanced over at Tyler, who was looking at his phone screen as he rode, struggling to keep the horse under control. “You want us to stop for a sec, chief?”

“Chief?” Tyler asked, looking up. “I just saw what we thought we’d see. They’ve started back towards the north.”

“How fast?” Garrett asked, his horse snorting as he slowed to get next to Tyler.

“About the…

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