Bugout! California Part 106 – Merrill

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California

Scagsdale's Tales

“You get them?” Kaylee asked, sitting at the target tray in the passenger seat of the battle wagon.

“Yeah, but there’s more,” Trevor said, his eyes glued into the sight for the main guns.

“Why didn’t we get buzzed?”

“Crap. There’s why. UN Van. See it?” He fired the grenade launcher, blowing the van sky high, but another one moved up, the side door sliding open, blue-helmeted fighters rushing out. Trevor shot a grenade into the open door, blowing up the vehicle.

“Yes! They’re in front of my guns,” Kaylee said as she opened fire, killing all seven men. Then Trevor’s phone buzzed. He looked at it in a panic. “Islamists coming in.”

“How many?”

“Looks like a couple hundred,” he said.

“Dammit, we aren’t ready,” Kaylee said.

One of the other battle wagons fired its grenade launcher, taking out another UN van.

“Should we get on the road?” Kaylee…

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