Bugout! California Part 116 – Red Resistance

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California

Scagsdale's Tales

Ted checked the text message as Stacey set up siege mode. Now they were hearing gunfire along with the explosions.

“Stop!” Ted said. “Let’s get this thing ready to roll.”

“What’s going on?” Haley asked.

“There are some patriots who took Ivan’s message seriously,” Ted said, on his way to the door. “They’re hitting a UN facility right now. There’s Islamists there too. One of you girls use the app while I go unhook us. It’s happening in a private school, a couple miles west of us.”

“Who’s heading there?” Stacey asked as siege mode rolled back.

“Everybody close by,” Ted said as he walked away. He was back inside in a flash. “Ready to go. See the site?”

“Yeah, just under a mile away,” Haley said. “Only about twenty Islamists there. Why are we helping?”

“It’s one of the rescue locations,” Ted said.

“Oh, crap,” Brianna said.

Haley looked…

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