Bugout! California Part 120 – Meeting at Minus 4

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California

Scagsdale's Tales

“The engine turns over, but at least one of the motor mounts is toast,” Cody said, getting out of the driver’s seat.”

“So, what does that mean?” Allison asked.

“It means we blow it up and catch a ride with somebody else,” Cody said. “Grab your belongings.”

She nodded, and they went into the bedroom to grab their stuff, racing out the door with it.

“Not road-worthy?” Tex asked.

“Nope,” Cody said. “Broken motor mount.”

“There’s some explosives in my rig,” Tex said.

“There’s some in here, too, in the middle storage compartment. Perfect placement. We should grab the ammo and mortar rounds out and use those to blow her.”

“I’ll help you,” Tex said. They got to work. Morgan approached Allison.

“Put your stuff in our rig,” Morgan said.

“Okay,” Allison said.

“Think Cody is up to driving? Robbie’s a mess.”

“Probably,” she said. “I know how to drive…

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