Bugout! California Part 123 – Big Tent

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Tyler snuck down Vista Sage Lane, staying in the bushes. Kenny and Will followed him.

“Hope they don’t find the Jeep,” Kenny whispered.

“Don’t worry,” Tyler said. “It’s well hidden. Stay sharp. They’ve probably got sentries all over the place.”

“We should’ve brought our bows,” Will said.

“We don’t want to start anything,” Tyler said. “They’ll take off if we do. These are leadership folks. Not fighters.”

“They’ve got protection, though, right?” Will said. “We’ll run into fighters. Probably some of their best.”

“You can bet on that,” Kenny said.

“Quiet,” Ryan said. “There’s Colina Verde.”

“Dammit, there’s no cover,” Will said. “They’ve got the brush cleared by the road.”

“Geez, there’s houses on either side,” Kenny whispered.

“Stop,” Tyler said, eyeing both, wishing it was Ryan and Zac. “Look to the right. See that dirt road? We’re going that way, along these bushes. We’ll head in from the back…

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