Bugout! California Part 140 – Two Fronts

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Ben Dover was in his social media control room, pacing, waiting for Ivan’s call. His friends, many with him since his days at UC Santa Cruz, were watching him, worried. The phone rang. Ben leapt at it and hit the answer button on the speaker.


“Yes, Ben, sorry for the delay. Is there a problem?”

“We’re not getting enough response in Eastern San Diego or Imperial counties.”

“How many commitments so far?” Ivan asked.

“Just barely sixty thousand. It’s not that the people aren’t willing, it’s just that the population is low, and there are a lot of retired folks who don’t use the internet much. Word of mouth helps with that somewhat, but it takes time.”

“I see,” Ivan said. “I thought San Diego County had a large population.”

“It’s huge, but most of the people are in the area near the city, and the US Navy and…

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