Bugout! California Part 148 – Boxcars

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Clem and Sarah watched as Jules and Tex left the saloon. The argument across the street flared up again, Willard and Garrett laughing, telling the others about the situation.

“Sam is so glad to see those guys,” Clem said.

“You know anything about them?” Sarah asked.

“War buddies, basically,” Clem said. He got up and went behind the bar, getting some ice for his glass. “You want another.”

“Don’t know if I should,” she said. “Oh, what the heck.” She drank down the last few drops and slid the glass to him. He made the new drinks, shooting a glance at Willard, who gave him a thumb up.

“I can’t believe Susanne and Elmer,” Sarah whispered as Clem sat next to her again, leaning in close.

“Hard way to live,” Clem said, “but then you don’t know what’s between a couple. The make-up sex might be a big part of…

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