Bugout! California Part 151 – Underground

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

The artillery barrage continued, guns firing into the Mexican desert, the gunners watching the apps and adjusting on the fly.

Conrad walked over to Lieutenant Colonel Meyers. “You see what the enemy is doing?”

“Yeah,” Meyers said. “They’re fanning out wide.”

“Won’t that mean we lose our funnel? Our kill zone with the Claymore mines?”

Meyers shook his head no. “They’ll try to re-funnel once they get too close for our artillery to be effective,” he said. “This is the point closest to the road. They’ll try to steal vehicles if we’re defeated. Wish they were further away.”

“You’re saying we shouldn’t fan our men out wider?” Conrad asked.

Meyers thought silently for a moment. “Let’s look at the map. You have a good handle on where the citizens are?”

“Fairly good.”

Meyers walked to his tent with Conrad, reaching in to get his tablet. He pulled up the map…

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