Bugout! California Part 153 – Colt Dragoon

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

“We’re back on my land,” Garrett said as the Jeep Unlimited drove the rutted trail. “There’s a stand of trees to hide in, right where the semi will have to stop.”

“How far?” Sam asked from behind the wheel.

“Couple miles,” Garrett said. “There’s some of my cavalry, up on that far ridge. See them?”

“Yeah,” Sid said. “Surprised they didn’t see the gravel.”

“They don’t go that far off our land,” Garrett said. “We’ve got so much to patrol inside our own borders.”

They rolled down the dusty trail, the heat of the day still rising, not enough breeze to cool them down.

Tyler took a swig from his water bottle, then wiped sweat off his brow. “We got enough coverage for the town with all the off-roaders coming here?”

“Should,” Sam said. “We’ve got all those battle wagons.”

“Hell of a lot of infantry now, too,” Garrett said…

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