Bugout! California Part 154 – Swarm of Bees

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

“Hear that?” Sid asked.

“Sounds like mortar fire,” Sam said.

Tyler laughed. “Sounds like those cannons to me.”

Just then they saw a semi-rig come over the hill, heading straight for them.

“I see hits from the front of the property,” Ed said, checking his phone.

“Let these guys get a little closer,” Sam said.

“Roger that,” Garrett said. They watched as the semi-truck slowed.

“I think they’re gonna park right there,” Sid said, watching them through his rifle scope. “I can take out the driver and passenger. Got them in my crosshairs.”

“Go,” Sam said. Sid pulled the trigger, the driver’s head exploding in the cab, tagging the passenger as he screamed with panic.

“Nail that trailer,” Garrett shouted into his phone, and the large plains rifles fired from the ridges around the truck, shredding the trailer, releasing the RFID signals, all the men’s phones buzzing.

“Let’s get them!”…

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