Bugout! Part 158 – The Pen

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Ivan led the leadership team to the hotel lobby, selecting the group of couches and chairs in the rear.

“Something bad happen, partner?” Tex asked.

“The apps are going wide,” Ivan said. “The enemy is about to get their hands full.”

“Finally,” Sparky said.

“This might not be that good for us, you know,” Ted said.

“And it may make no difference at all,” Sam said. “They hit us in shielded vehicles today, remember? They already knew we could see them.”

“You guys are missing it,” Robbie said, looking like he wanted to take it back after it came out.

“Go ahead, kid,” Ted said.

“Well, as Sam said, they already knew we could see them. Now they have to worry about everybody they get near, anyplace they go. This will put extreme pressure on them.”

“Yes, that’s why I said the enemy is about to have their hands full,”…

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