Bugout! California Part 164 – Trains and Cranes

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Kaitlyn and Seth stared at the history program screen, Angel and Megan on the right of them, Kaylee and Trevor on the left. The alarm went off on the PC.

“There’s a third group,” Kaitlyn said. “That makes fifteen hundred.”

“Wonder if they’re coming here?” Kaylee asked.

“Probably depends on their intelligence,” Trevor said. “If they know that Ivan is here, they might make an assault.”

“Do we have enough people outside?” Megan asked.

“Probably,” Trevor said, “but I’m guessing they won’t come here. I think they’re gonna head to the border to help out.”

The alarm went off again.

“Oh no,” Megan said. “More?”

“Not in the same place,” Seth said. “Move the screen towards the indicator there.”

Kaitlyn nodded and used the mouse to re-orient the screen. “That’s south of the border!”

“How far south?” Megan asked.

Trevor laughed. “We just incinerated a bunch of the enemy. There’s…

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