Bugout! California Part 170 – BFV Training

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Sam slipped down through the hole on the rope, the opening big enough for him to pass now. It was about seven feet from the ceiling to the floor of the storage room, but he had enough rope to get almost to the ground. He heard scraping in the hole, and turned to take hold of the ladder.

“This thing feels really rickety,” he yelled up.

“It’ll be okay,” Elmer yelled down. “The hole will help keep it steady, and it ain’t gonna break. I wouldn’t put more than about three people on it at a time, though. Two if they’re large.”

Sam nodded, then left the storage room, heading straight for the nursery. Morgan saw him and grinned. “Got the ladder in?”

“Yep. You’re working the nursery?”

“Helping out some,” Morgan said. “All of us have been. They miss Anna.”

Mia squealed as she ran to Sam, hugging his…

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