Space Opera Part 2 – Probability

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

I awoke with a start. It was that familiar feeling. We were coming out of the wormhole, heading into orbit around a planet nearby Valla Cappos. How long did I sleep? My PA said five hours. Dammit. I crawled out of bed, stripped, and got into the cleaning module. The jets came on and the floor spun, getting me wet, covering me with cleansing gel. After a few seconds for the gel to work I was rinsed and dried. The PA beeped.

“Yeah,” I said.

“We just came out of the wormhole, Captain,” Izzy said. “Sorry if I woke you.”

“I just finished getting cleaned up. I’ll be dressed and back to the bridge in ten minutes.”

“Thank you, sir. Nolan provided his workup on Valla Cappos. I’ve got some concerns.”

“I can imagine.”

“Something else happened too, but I don’t want to use the PA to discuss it.”


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