Bug Out! California Part 172 – The Quadrant

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales

Trevor and Kaylee were in their battle wagon when the text came in. They both looked at their phones, then at each other.

“This is bad,” Kaylee said. “That’s a lot of UN vans.

“We aren’t one hundred percent sure they’re coming here, you know.”

“How far away are they?”

Trevor looked over at her from his phone. “Looking at that now. Just under twenty miles. If they don’t run into trouble, they’re about half an hour from here.”


“Don’t get too worried yet. We’ve got a lot of people in place along Highway 94, remember? They’re just coming in vans, too. They won’t take much abuse, and if the highway gets blocked, it’s not like they can off-road.”

“Then why would they come this way?” Kaylee asked.

“That’s why I’m not so sure they’re really coming here. They might have another target in mind.”

“Where are our people…

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