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Space Opera Part 10 – Alone in the Zone

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

JJ and I took the spiral staircase down to the crew deck. The halls were smaller, the floor an industrial matting with magnetic capability in case of gravity failure. Deacon’s large frame appeared from the right side. He motioned us over.

“Deacon, JJ Ostermann,” I said as we got to him.

“It’s a pleasure,” Deacon said, extending his hand. “Glad he left the paging system on.”

“How advanced is this device?” JJ asked, lines of worry on her face.

“You’ll have to be the judge of that,” Deacon said. “It’s right down the hall.”

We got to the door of crew barrack three, following Deacon inside. Caraway was there, guarding the scene with a spiker in his hand. I nodded to him.

“Hello, Captain.” He stood aside so we could look in the locker, with its door hanging open.

JJ glanced at me. “May I?”

“Please,” I said, watching as…

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Space Opera Part 9 – Railguns

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

I eyed Ostermann as she waited for my response, standing next to her in the hallway.

“What do you want to talk about?” I asked.

“It’s sensitive,” she said in a hushed tone, doing an obvious glance at her arm, the PA system showing the yellow status indicator.

“You’ve got it sleeping,” I whispered. “I don’t trust that.”

“Yours is on,” she said.

I chuckled. “Yeah, because there’s no way I’d find my way back to the hangar without it.”

“I’d suggest you turn it off, but…”

“I know, if we’ve both got them turned off and we’re being watched, the level of surveillance will increase,” I whispered.

“You’re concerned too,” she whispered back. “I thought so.”

“Let’s go to my ship. We can chat there. Turn on your PA and think of a reason for going there with me, all right?”

“I’m in charge of the cloaking retrofit, remember?”…

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Space Opera Part 8 – Meeting of the Council

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera

Scagsdale's Tales

I walked out the rear gate of the Zephyrus, into the cool air of the massive hangar. There were several ships down there, all of them much bigger than ours, two in a state of disassembly. Techs scurried around them, carrying tools and parts, sparks from welders dropping on the floor below them.

“Captain Clarke, thanks for getting here so quickly,” Chairman Vermillion said, reaching out to shake my hand. “Looks like that gold plating stayed on pretty well.” His entourage smiled at me, some of them reaching out to shake hands and state their names.

I chuckled. “Good to meet all of you. Take a look at this.” I walked them over to the section of the hull where the Mosasaur bites were. “The sea monsters were able to mar the finish, but they didn’t get all the way through it.”

“Wow,” Vermillion said, looking closer, reaching up to…

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Space Opera Part 7 – Ocean Base

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

I walked into sick bay. The Neanderthal was a few meters inside the door, on a bed with a cast on his arm. He was strapped down, sleeping. Deneuve was on one side of the bed, Dr. Clara Hazelton on the other.

“How is he?” I asked.

“We had to sedate him to set his arm,” Dr. Hazelton said. “He’ll be fine, but he’ll sleep for a while.”

“You try any of the dialects?”

“We’ve tried five of the thirty that Nolan sent,” Deneuve said. “He perked up on one, but I don’t think he understood it.”

“I was just telling Deneuve that we should try the Active Learning System. It’ll probably work for him, if we can get him to wear the apparatus.”

“Will that work with non-humans?” I asked.

“Maybe,” Dr. Hazelton said. “Might be worth a try, but I don’t know how the drug will impact him.

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