Space Opera Part 15 – The New Jersey

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

We were on the bridge of the Zephyrus, waiting for the arrival of the Tristar.

“What happened with the battle?” I asked Tim, who was watching his PA.

“Our ships are orbiting Earth now. The Overlord ships have taken defensive positions around their space dock.”

“Captain, the Tristar just came out of its jump,” Izzy said.

“Confirmed,” Nolan said.

I nodded. “She’s cloaked, I hope.”

“Yes sir,” Nolan said.

“We’re being hailed again, Captain,” Izzy said.

“Put it on screen.” I watched as Andrea’s face appeared.

“We’re almost ready to receive you in Bay One,” she said. “We’ll pull the Tristar in first, and then use our tractor beam to load you. Stand by.”

“We’re ready when you are,” I said.

“They’ll be visible for a split second,” Nolan said. “Hope nobody’s watching.”

“Without computers scanning constantly, we have a pretty good chance of not being noticed,” Tim said.


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