Space Opera Part 21 – The Nudge

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

My heart pounded as I looked at Tim’s image on my PA. “Are they attacking Earth yet?”

“Not that we can tell,” Tim said. “It’s a long-range scan, so we might not be able to see that level of detail.”

“Should we go do something about this?” Cyrus asked.

“I need to get back to the ship and look at my news alerts,” Nolan said.

“You can’t get them here?” Vermillion asked.

“Nope,” Nolan said. “I’ve got to be onboard. That’s where my tokens are.”

“The Zephyrus or the New Jersey?” I asked.

“Either. I moved copies of my tokens to the New Jersey when we were traveling here.”

“Move them to the Tristar as well,” Vermillion said.

My heart was still pounding. JJ looked at me.

“Your face is flushed.”

“Our home is about to come under attack,” I said, my voice trembling with anger.

“They might not attack…

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