Space Opera Part 23 – Triple Team

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

We were still in the conference room with Vermillion, discussing the battle. Nolan was thinking about nuclear fission and level five worlds, which I had just brought up.

“You’ve got something there,” Nolan said. “Technically it would be illegal to gather that material up from level six worlds. It would also be next to impossible to pull off, given the far more advanced technology of those worlds.”

JJ thought for a moment. “Given the fact that the Overlords have these new ships, it’s possible that they have other technology we don’t know about… such as cloaking technology.”

“If they had that, they’d use it on that new ship,” Vermillion said. “They didn’t know we had it until our attack on the Mars space dock.”

“They knew we were working on it, though,” JJ said.

Vermillion nodded. “True.”

“They might be doing the same thing we are,” I said.

“Meaning what?”…

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