Space Opera Part 24 – Virgo Supercluster

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

We had made a short jump away from the spot where the battle with five Overlord ships had just ended.

“We’re coming out in five seconds, Captain,” Skip said.

Sondra tapped on her PA. “Standing by to load the Zephyrus and Tristar.”

“Good,” I said, getting out of my captain’s chair as the static charge hit me. “Nolan, do you have a good location for us to hide?”

“Here’s what I suggest, Captain. This quadrant in the Virgo Supercluster. There are sixteen planets all within less than a couple weeks travel using impulse power. I don’t think that’s safe enough, though, so I have another suggestion. I’m sure the Chairman will have to sign off.”

“Let’s hear it, because I’ll have to sign off on it too,” I said.

“We’ve got a large supply of the newest type of proton mines, Captain. We could leave a dozen of them at…

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