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Here’s a taste of Bug Out! Texas Book 13

Here’s a taste of Bug Out! Texas Book 13 – coming soon!

Scagsdale's Tales

Here’s a chapter from Bug Out! Texas Book 13 – currently in work. It’ll go through more editing before the book is released. I’m targeting the end of June for the release. Enjoy!

Brushy was behind the wheel of his truck, Jax in the passenger seat, a line of trucks behind them, comprised mostly of Nixon’s men.

“We’re gonna stuff everybody on that Texas A&M property?” Brushy asked. “Won’t they be easy to see?”

“I’ve been there before,” Jax said. “There’s a police academy on the property, along with the airport.”


“Flight Test Air Station,” Jax said. “Don’t worry, we’ve been given permission. It’s off the beaten path quite a ways. We won’t be seen.”

“How many people are coming?”

Jax snickered. “Current count? Hundred and eighty thousand citizens, all armed, most with off-roaders. We’re getting about three quarters of the Fort Stockton off-roaders too.”

Brushy shot him a…

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Space Opera Part 25 – Butch

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

I made my way down to the Zephyrus after leaving my stateroom. The bay was quiet, all the retrofit work finished. Both ships had their fuel supplies topped up after the battle with the massive Overlord ships. My first stop when I got on board was sick bay. Dr. Hazelton was there, running the learning program on Barney, who was unconscious. Deneuve sat on a chair near the bed.

“How’s it going?” I asked.

“Everything’s normal,” Dr. Hazelton said. “He’s very receptive. The sensors say he’s absorbing this better than he did the first round of training.”

“You look worried, Deneuve.”

“A little, sir,” he said. “I can’t believe how important this guy has become to me. He’s like my little brother. It’ll be weird having him behave like a full adult.”

“Emotionally he’ll be the same,” Dr. Hazelton said. “He’ll still love you.”

“Think he can be part of…

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