Space Opera Part 29 – Dojo

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

The settings documentation for the holographic communications system was almost as complex as the AI documentation. Butch sensed my frustration.

<Butch> Want some help?

<Me> Yeah, this is taking too long. You understand what I want, correct? I’ve been thinking it through since we were walking back here.

<Butch> Fully anonymous searches. Disconnect immediately if reverse scanning is attempted from the data warehouse we are searching. No conversations other than requests for data. No multi-level requests for data and no open-ended searches. No token exchanges.

<Me> You’ve got it.

<Butch> This will restrict me to clandestine data sources only.

<Me> I’m aware of that. We won’t get the real story from official repositories anyway.

<Butch> If we weren’t being hunted, I’d explain how we could access official repositories with ghost tokens and get the data which the data manager is trying to hide, but it carries more risk than you’d…

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