Space Opera Part 32 – Combat Training

Here’s the next episode of Space Opera.

Scagsdale's Tales

All of us were frozen in time, looking at Chairman Vermillion, who’d just told us that all legislators not part of the Overlords Caucus were arrested.

“How can they get away with that?” Skip asked. “What about the Capitol Police? The Military?”

“There is a battle going on as we speak,” Vermillion said. “It won’t last long. The Overlords have too many people there.”

“Should we go?” I asked.

Vermillion shook his head. “Go and do what? Orbit Devonia Axxiom and blow things up? We’d need to fight them on the ground, and we’re not prepared for that.”

“After they’ve put down whatever resistance there is and taken complete control of Devonia Axxiom, they’ll go after Earth and the other level two and three worlds,” Nolan said. “They’ll want to lock down any world who might resist them.”

My head was spinning, but something popped into it.

<Butch> Now you’re…

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