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Space Opera Part 45 – Hallway Fight

Scagsdale's Tales

JJ and I sat in Vermillion’s office. Cyrus came in.

“What’s up?” he asked.

“We’ve got a special mission for the Tristar,” Vermillion said. He took a few minutes to tell Cyrus what JJ and I had told him.

“Inoa, huh?” Cyrus asked. “That’s quite a ways. How many mines do we need to place there?”

<Butch> Ten thousand ought to be enough.

“Oh, you’ve got your AIs on speaker?” Cyrus asked.

“Yeah, made for a quicker conversation,” I said.

“Make it twenty thousand,” Vermillion said. “We’ve got the line up and running for those. We’ll have plenty for all of our installations. Those will fit in the Tristar’s cargo bay, I hope.”

<Butch> Easily. We should send them with some extra fuel as well, given the distance.

“When would you like us to leave?” Cyrus asked.

“As soon as possible,” Vermillion said. “How quickly can you get the cargo…

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Space Opera Part 43 – Surveillance Nanos

Scagsdale's Tales

“Good afternoon, Mr. Chairman,” I said, walking into Vermillion’s office.

He eyed me for a moment. “You look exhausted.”

I nodded. “Nolan and I got through a large number of the fighter pilots today, then did the last part of the strength enhancement training. It’s been a long day.”

“And here I am calling you over,” he said. “Sorry.”

“No, no, I wanted to chat with you about it. Not a problem, sir.”

“Good. I agree with your assessment. They’re probably sending out scheduled transmissions so they can track. It’s a good thing your AI stopped them, because if not, Simone would know which natural worm hole we’re in. The rest would be easy. How confident is your AI that he stopped them?”

“Butch said well over 99%. I believe it, too, because if they got the first transmission, they’d already know we’re in a natural worm hole, and there…

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Space Opera Part 42 – Steel Sheets

Scagsdale's Tales

Nolan and I entered the weight room, ready to start experimenting with the strength enhancements.

“We working just arm strength, or arms and legs?” I asked.

<Butch> Both. Let’s start with arms. You have to use mind dictation to turn this feature on. That can’t be overridden like other features.

“Why?” I asked.

<Butch> You won’t know your own strength. You’ll try to open a locked door and pull the doorknob off.

I laughed. “Had an uncle like that. Wish he was still alive today. He’d love this.”

“What do we dictate?” Nolan asked.

<Dojo> Strength enhancement. When you’re done, dictate strength enhancement off.

“Does it expire, like the Nanos?” Nolan asked. “I didn’t see anything too that effect in the documentation.”

<Butch> No, that would be bad. Imagine fighting somebody and you get a time out, going back to your normal human strength. That wouldn’t be too good.


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Space Opera Part 41 – Rush Training

Scagsdale's Tales

JJ and I looked at each other.

“Did you stop it, Butch?”

<Butch> Yep, that message went nowhere.

“Do we know if they’re expecting a return message?” JJ asked.

<Butch> We don’t know, but we will shortly.

JJ glanced at me. “How?”

<Butch> They’ll try again. Don’t worry. I’ll just stop it again.

“Can you tell the approximate source from the ship?” I asked.

<Butch> Somewhere towards the front third of the ship, on the right side. In order to find them I’ll have to ping their device.

“That’s what they’d see, correct?”

<Butch> Yes, Trey, they’d probably get a warning on their device.

“What if they have a bomb planted on this ship someplace?” JJ asked.

I shook my head. “Not likely. Hard to get explosives on board.”

“With all the stuff we’ve got on this ship, a good chemist could cook something up,” JJ said.

<Butch> All precursors…

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