Space Opera Part 40 – Transmissions

Scagsdale's Tales

Tim took to the training well, not wanting to leave when he was done with the day’s lesson. Nolan analyzed every detail, the conversation between him and Dojo sounding like two brothers. Izzy was bewildered, but took to it well. I had the sneaking suspicion that all of them wondered why I was being so aggressive with the training. I knew I had to tell them, but wasn’t ready yet. Then there was Vermillion. Should I say something to him about my fears, or let Butch find evidence first?

<Butch> I heard that. Find the evidence first, but better put him under protection as well. You’re right, if we’re discovered, everybody on your team will be in danger. The Chairman is the only one who won’t be protected.

<Me> How do we handle this? I don’t want to surveil him without an air-tight reason.

<Butch> He’d notice if we did…

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