Space Opera Part 50 – Auto-Protect

Scagsdale's Tales

We were staring at the huge earth mover as the air cleared from the dust storm.

<JJ> Emerald, search for any records of this activity.

<Me> Wait. We don’t want anybody to know we’re here. Searches might tip off the wrong people.

<Emerald> I can search without putting us at risk, Captain Clarke.

<Butch> That’s worth a try, Trey. I’d let her do it, but I’ll supervise.

<Emerald> In your dreams, junior.

I chuckled, sending a glance to JJ, who shook her helmeted head.

<Me> Work that out between you, but err on the side of stealth. What happened here two hundred years ago isn’t the most important issue.

<JJ> Agreed.

Nolan walked over to us. “I’ve been all the way around the vehicle. This is the only spot that was damaged, and note that they didn’t hurt the payload at all. I’m thinking whoever made the attack was planning…

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