Space Opera Part 51 – Research Facility

Scagsdale's Tales

I pulled out the Holographic Communicator chair and sat in it, motioning for JJ to sit on the bed behind me. I turned it on and paged Vermillion, the holographic frame projecting in front of me. Vermillion’s face appeared in a moment.

“Good, you got my message,” he said. “Obviously we had to leave for a while.”

“JJ’s in here.”

“I see her behind you. You’re both feeling better now, I take it?”

“Not a hundred percent, but improving,” I said. “What’s happening? Did we get discovered?”

“No. Worse, actually.”

“One of the manufacturing bases?” I asked, my heart stuck in my throat.

“One of the Overlords operatives was at the main plant. He got off the planet.”

“Dammit,” I said. “How?”

“Shuttle. Unauthorized take off. Got on the far side of a moon there before we could shoot him down.”

“He’s still at large?” I asked.

“No, he’s dead…

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