Space Opera Part 52 – Logs and Records

Scagsdale's Tales

We barely made it out the door when we heard a loud crash behind us. Klemperer rushed over.

“What the hell happened in there?” he shouted.

“The computer system didn’t like being hacked,” Nolan said. “Kicked off a lockdown, and tried to notify the Central Authority.”

“Dammit,” Klemperer said. “Did the transmission get out?”

“Stopped by the Zephyrus,” I said, trying to catch my breath. “Luckily our AIs realized what was going on in time.”

“That speed enhancement capability came in handy too,” Nolan said. “We’d still be in there if it wasn’t for that.”

“The strength enhancement might have helped us get out of there,” I said.

“Maybe, but I suspect there are limits,” Nolan said.

“One way to find out.” I walked back to the door, opening it. About five feet in was a metal door, not there before.

“That came down from the ceiling,” Nolan said. “Wonder…

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