Bugout! California Part 174 – Attacks and Diversions

Scagsdale's Tales

Katie looked at Justin in their battle wagon, her eyes wide as the second mortar round fell, closer this time. “Maybe we’d better take Tex’s advice and backup.”

“On it,” Justin said, “but we’ll have to go out of siege mode.”

“I know, I know,” she said, firing the front machine guns, mowing down a group of Peacekeepers rushing towards them. “Better do it anyway. Keep the weapons up. We should have more people in the rig with us.”

“Look, their mortar got moved into a place I can see!” He aimed the grenade launcher and fired several grenades, hitting the mortar, blowing it apart, the ammo exploding big.

“Nice shooting,” Tex said.

“Moving back now,” Justin said, flipping the siege mode switch, the metal plates in front of the tires and windshield moving out of the way. He backed up as soon as he could, as machinegun fire hit…

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