About The Two

We’re Bob and Laura. Both recently retired and both under the age of 60, we’re excited to be entering the next chapter of our lives.

Our interests include writing, traveling, fishing, playing music, geocaching, knitting, politics, and in general, lifelong learning. Some of these are more Bob’s interests, some are more Laura’s (yes, knitting is one of Laura’s, and playing music is Bob’s).

Most of the posts are written by Laura, some are by Bob and occasionally you may see one by our geopup, Izzy or even by one of the cats. We’ll see if they have much to say.


13 thoughts on “About The Two

  1. Wendy

    What a great treat. I look forward to living vicariously through you!!!!! Be Safe…Wendy

    • Thanks, Wendy! We hope to use this to communicate to both friends and family as we travel the happy road of destiny (smile). Hope your travels back to Chicago were supremely happy – saw the sweet pics of the grandkids and I know you had a great time. Love, Bob & Laura

  2. Terri Green

    Congratulations on your retirement, the birth of your blog and your current travels on the open road!

    Last of all … Happy Anniversary!!!

    Terri & Frank

    • Wow. You have quite the memory, Terri Lou! Yes, we both bought cards in California and Bob, being a much more thoughtful spouse than I am, bought a gift.

      Tomorrow we head down to my Dad’s in The Villages on the last leg of our trip. I hope we get there in the early afternoon so we can maybe all go out to dinner to celebrate.

      Yes, it’s EIGHT years tomorrow, January 6.

      Thanks again – and keep reading and feel free to comment when you are so moved.

      Laura Sue

  3. thank you for following my blog! happy that you like it:) what an interesting blog you have šŸ™‚ for sure will be back here !!

  4. I hope y’all are enjoying retirement. I have been finding some great stories and pictures as I look around. Great looking blog by the way!

  5. Jim Fitzpatrick

    Are you still in your 328TS. I’m considering buying a new one, but haven’t talked to anyone who has one. Do you like it….good things, bad things??? I love the floor plan (from a Video at a Dealer in Georgia, and from pictures from a dealer in Texas.) There aren’t any new ones here in Oregon, so am willing to go and get one in the next few months. Thanks in advance for your review of the 328TS

    • Bob

      I’ve been happy with the 328 so far. I’m in it now, on a six-week trip. The two slides in the salon area are what sold me on this model. It doesn’t feel like a boxcar when the slides are out, and that’s nice. The bathroom/shower area works out well. The residential fridge is perfect if you don’t boondock very often. Love the oven – makes Freshetta Pizzas better than my home oven does. The dual furnace set up is very nice, and it’s got artic pack on the tanks to keep them from freezing too, so this coach is better than some for cold weather (doesn’t have dual pane windows, though). The coach drives well. It’s big but not too big. Tows my Jeep Wrangler well. Don’t even feel it back there. There have been a few quality issues. Had problems with the check valve on the fresh water tank (it would overflow when city water was on – drained onto the ground below the rig). Fixed under warranty. The cable routing plastic guide for the main slide broke. I’ve figured out how to insure that it feeds well without having to take it in to get it fixed – heard that the fix breaks again anyway. Not a huge problem. LCI steps broke, but were fixed for free due to the recall. One of the little LED lights went dead – fixed under warranty (and by the way those little LED lights are GREAT). Subwoofer quit working – fixed under warranty. Black tank valve leaked – fixed under warranty. Over all not a premium coach but good enough, very comfortable. The Ford V-10 is amazing. Handles grades well. Mileage isn’t great, but I expected that. TVs are good, especially when you can use the antenna to pick up HD content. Over all I’d recommend this coach, and Georgetown, to somebody who wants a Class A that is slightly above entry level. If I had money to burn I would’ve bought a Tiffin or a Newmar, but for a similar coach that’s about twenty grand. Not worth it.

  6. Stumbled upon your blog while doing research for our own RV purchase (found the post on residential vs RV fridge to be very helpful, thanks!), I look forward to poking around and reading more entries.

  7. I’m glad I sojourned here. Though, I’m a very lazy reader. I can barely read a 1000 word story in one sitting. I’m impressed by the bits I have read.

  8. jimfitzoregongmailcom

    Thanks for the opinion. I bought my 328TS in November. So far, my only ‘trip’ is taking it from the dealer in Texas back to Oregon. A couple of very minor warranty issues, but overall I love it. I can’t wait to get going this spring, and down the road hope to go full time in it. Only problem so far, not just with this but from the forums…with most dealers, is that if you don’t buy it from the closest dealer, you wait for service. They take care of their own first. I wish it were more like car dealers….a Ford dealer is a Ford dealer. But, oh well. I love it so far, and can’t wait to really use it in the years to come. Fitz

  9. So much fun to be able to retire together and then travel together šŸ™‚ My wife and I are already doing the second part, and I’ve kind of done the first (taken a sabbatical, not full retirement) while she continues working. Hopefully, very soon, we too will be free like you šŸ™‚ Keep writing guys, and have loads of fun.Cheers.

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