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I'm just a guy living the dream in Redondo Beach, CA. After putting in 30+ years at a large aerospace company, I am now retired, and can do what I'm interested in. My main interests are writing and music. I'm a cellist and play with local amateur Symphonies and Theater groups. I've also got the urge to wander with my lovely wife Laura. This blog is going to be mainly about our travels via RV and other means. I'm sure I'll flesh this out more as time goes on.

Bugout! California Part 61 – Passing Through Gorman

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales


Yvonne was driving, the shadows getting longer as late afternoon wore on.

“We should be hearing from the others soon,” Sid said. “They’ve got to be about settled by now.”

“We’re gonna get some rest before we take off for Warner Springs, I hope.”

“We’ll have to, sweetie,” Sid said. “I’ll call Clem and see what’s up.”

“Yeah, do that.”

Sid pulled out his phone and hit Clem’s contact. It rang a couple times, and Clem picked up.

“Sid! Where are you guys?”

“Just a sec, I’m gonna put it on speaker.” Sid pushed the button and held the phone near his face. “Hear me okay?”

“Yep,” Clem said.

“Hi, Clem,” Yvonne said.

“Hi, Yvonne. How’s Sam holding up?”

“We’re gonna have to watch him like a hawk,” Sid said.

“You didn’t tell me where you are.”

“Just passed Santa Ysabel ten minutes ago,” Sid said. “We’re almost to Wynola.”

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The Plan – How the Bug Out War started: Chapter 12 – A Toast. This is the final chapter.

Here’s the next episode of The Plan.

Scagsdale's Tales


**Chapter 12 – A Toast

“Mr. President, we’re arriving in ten minutes,” the pilot said over the intercom.

“Good,” Simpson said to Blake. He got out of his chair and looked out the window of Airforce One. “I’ll be glad when this meeting is over.”

“You’re still not sure, are you?” Blake asked.

“No,” Simpson said. “You buy this story about the tracking chips?”

“Yes, I had some of our people check it out,” Blake said. “It’s pretty solid. Good technology.”

“From Daan’s company, I assume.”

Blake chuckled. “They’re manufacturing those in the San Jose plant.”

“Well, that’s just dandy for Governor Sable, then isn’t it?”

“You really hate that guy, don’t you, Mr. President?”

“Only enough to kill him,” Simpson said. “I’m just kidding.”

“I hope so,” Blake said, “He’s on our side, you know. On this, and on just about every issue out there.”

“Yes, I know he’s…

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Bugout! California Part 60 – Tisha

Here’s the next episode of Bugout! California.

Scagsdale's Tales


Trevor was at the wheel of his motor home, Kaylee watching him drive from the passenger seat.

“We’re only a few miles from city limits,” Kaylee said. “Thank God. I was so sure we were gonna get hit on the road.”

“We might have hit them a lot worse than we thought.”

“Hope so,” Kaylee said. “Hope we get a few days before we have to fight again.”

“I’d rather get it over with quicker,” Trevor said. “I’ll be on pins and needles the whole time if we have to wait.”

“Well, there is that, I guess. Think we’re gonna get this rig to ourselves?”

“Probably not right away,” Trevor said. “We’ll see.”

Kaylee’s phone dinged. She looked at it. “Looks like a broadcast text message from my uncle.”


“Yeah, keep going on 79, then take a road to the right called KQ Ranch Road.”

Trevor grinned. “I know…

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The Plan – How the Bug Out War started: Chapter 11 – Chips

Here’s Chapter 11 of The Plan.

Scagsdale's Tales


**Chapter 11 – Chips

“He’s not going to go for it,” Daan Mertins said, pacing in the hotel room. Saladin watched him with a bored expression.

“It’s only been a week since the meeting,” he said. “Relax. We’ve got people in Simpson’s administration. Don’t worry. He’ll get the right advice.”

“I hope you’re right,” Mertins said, “and we’d better keep this secret. No leaks. You know what will happen if there are leaks, I hope.”

“We’ll have to kill the leaker and everybody they talked to,” Saladin said, getting up from his chair. He looked out the window of the hotel room, over the city of Brussels. “That reminds me. Did your people find those two rogue Generals yet?”

“No,” Mertins said. “They’ve disappeared into the woodwork.”

“Find them,” Saladin said. “If you don’t, I’ll get involved. You’re worried about leaks, but we have that hanging over our head.”


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