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One half of The Two Who Wander. Along with my husband, Bob and geopup Izzy, I'm a retired woman enjoying the next chapter of my life.

Fee-Free Dates for 2014

Some great information on camping in US National Parks – I didn’t know they even had “fee free” days and one of them, MLK, Jr., has passed. But there’s more in 2014, so if you are thinking of going, now’s the time!

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Back Home! And Izzy is Happy, Happy, Happy


Home Sweet Home.

After 20 days gone, we really mean it!

Our last stop was Tombstone (which Bob will more adequately post about our time there) and we were staying at one of our nicer places, the Landmark Lookout Lodge, a very cool pet-friendly place on the outskirts of town.  We had a view of the expansive desert, it was peaceful and they even had a cooked-to-order breakfast which was actually the best free breakfast we had on the trip.

We had the option of staying an additional night, and it was very nice, and we could have done more or driven down to Bisbee and hung out with desert hippies, but we just couldn’t do it.  Literally, we both knew we had to get home . . . no matter what.

(Parenthetical note:  I knew we had to leave as I counted our underwear and realized it was either we leave now, or we head to a laundromat.)

So the “Bataan death march” began as we got up early, watched the sunrise over the desert (wowza), ate that great breakfast and got the hell out of Dodge . . . er, Tombstone.

It’s a long drive through Tucson and Phoenix and then into the sprawl that is Los Angeles, which starts at Riverside.  Luckily, it was Martin Luther King, Jr. day which meant that some people were not working.  Had it been any typical Monday, it might have taken even longer to get home.

As it was, we made it home in good time.  As Bob disgorged the car, I made a grocery trip, and then we just stared at the TV set all night.  We stared at the TV because: (1) we were exhausted; and (2) we came home to a dead router, so no internet access – hey, welcome home!

It’s been a long trip and I think it helped us clarify some things which we’ll write about more here.

We also have a few trip reports to do which we’ll get to over the next few days.

Today, I took Izzy for her morning walk and she pulled me along to “her” gopher zone.  She gleefully pounced on several possible spots looking for the varmints.  No luck today, but as she bounced about, tail wagging excitedly, I thought I could hear her whisper, “Happy, happy, happy!”

Yes, it’s good to be home.

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A Tale of Two Toothbrushes

2 toothbrushes

We’ve been on the road since January 1, a total of 13 days.  Just the other day, I noticed my toothbrush had been “used”.  I’m not sure what it was about it, but I knew it had been used in someone’s mouth and that mouth was decidedly not mine.

Now using someone else’s toothbrush is kinda . . . gross.  But then again, the only other person to use my toothbrush was my husband who I’ve been known to share spit with on occasion, so how gross could it be?

And I could understand his confusion.  We have an Oral B electric toothbrush set which only distinguishes the brushes by small colored bands.  When you switch out the heads as you’re supposed to every three months (ha!), you do have to be careful to not pick the same color as the other member of your household.  It’s only right and proper.

The other thing you can do is have a completely different brush head than the other toothbrush.  That’s what I did for a time – the set I bought at Costco had several different ones, so I used the “polishing” head which had weird little suction cups to mimic the polishing you get at the dentist’s office.

But before the trip, I thought to hell with that, I’m going back to the primary brush head that gets all the junk between my teeth out.  I’m a great believer in oral health.  I plan on dying with these teeth firmly affixed in my jaw which doesn’t seem to be an unusual goal.  In an earlier generation, it might have been, but not today.

So . . . I explained as gently as possible, “Uh, honey, the toothbrush with the yellow band is mine.” (subtext:  QUIT using MY toothbrush!)

Several times he’s looked at me puzzled and said, “Yellow?” and I nod sadly “uh-huh”.

No doubt he’s embarrassed that he’s managed to use my toothbrush several times.  I’d be embarrassed if I used his, too.

After all, boys have cooties – everybody knows that.

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Epiphanies, Big and Little


Our wedding anniversary was last Monday, January 6.

We got married on the very first Friday in the new year 2006 which just so happened to be the 6th. Why then?

Bob said he wanted to marry me as soon as we were able to (which would have been months earlier) but we went to his accountant (who has since become our accountant) who said we had to wait or Bob would get hit with a big tax bill for selling his house before owning it for two years. It was better to take the hit as a single person, not as a married man. So after waiting many months for his divorce to be finalized and then selling his existing house and buying our house, we had to wait some more.

Which was okay. It wasn’t like a first wedding with a big poufy white dress and a massive bill at the end of the day. I bought some really good champagne (as it turned out, not enough! I don’t think I got more than a small taste of it on my own wedding day), organized a luncheon at a local Italian restaurant, and we got our marriage license a few months before the actual date.

I even made an appointment at the courthouse.

So imagine my surprise when, with family present, the courthouse didn’t have our appointment. Which had been made weeks earlier. I was faced with “I might not be able to get married today after all!” and I reacted as I often do with some anger tempered by fear.

Thank the goddess for Bob. He calmed me down and went to talk with the clerk and a few minutes later, we were ushered in to a small chapel and a nice Commissioner performed the very quick ceremony. I still cried a little bit.

And we were married. Off to lunch and celebration!

My friends Nick and Athena who are Greek Orthodox came to the luncheon and reminded me of something that I had forgotten about. January 6 is epiphany which in the Catholic and Orthodox Christian faiths is the final day in the Christmas cycle which includes the waiting time before the birth, the birth, and then the epiphany.

Now, eight years later, I’m so glad we are married. It was a long time coming and yes, there have been epiphanies (those a ha! moments) along the way about many things. But I have never wavered in the decision to be married to Bob and he says the same about me.

Happy Anniversary, sweetheart!

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