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Shake-Down Artists Have Nothing on Curious George

So “Curious George” will be the Georgetown’s name.

I had more seriously thought of “Prince George of Redondo” in honor of the royal baby (why not?) as well as our Georgetown AND where we live.  But a fellow blogger mentioned Curious George and I thought about it and decided – “I like it!”

Bob can continue to call it “The Georgetown” but you and I will know it’s Curious George – just need the monkey decal.

Okay, on to other business.  When we last left our intrepid team of Bob, Laura and Curious George, we finished up the PDI (Pre-delivery inspection) at Mike Thompson RV.  Basically by the time we left, they’d done the few things that needed doing, opened up the goodie box and gave us a $25 gift certificate which we used to buy a much longer sewer hose (a must!) and something else – I don’t know.

(Parenthetically, as Bob is very detailed and precise, some of you have probably figured out that I, Laura, am neither.  So when it comes to the technical stuff, you can expect me to be less than forthcoming and the phrase “doohickey,” “thingamajig” or “whatsis” may be used.)

Also, our very nice salesperson, gave us a gift of a couple of bottles of California Red.  I don’t drink the stuff due to allergies, but Bob likes them.

The first trip in an RV is traditionally known as the shake-down trip.  Man, sometimes they can be brutal.  I’ve read plenty of posts in forums of all sorts of crap being discovered on the shake-down trip.  Thankfully, a lot of the stuff found is minor, but sometimes it is definitely NOT minor.

Let’s examine this, shall we?

In my not so humble opinion, some RV manufacturers expect their customers to perform the very vital function of quality assurance, or QA.  Basically, having seen some videos on the manufacturing process, it’s really true that it’s half car, half house.  Okay, so in a car, manufacturing is pretty assembly line, but as we all know, building a house is pretty much custom for each house (unless we’re talking about manufactured housing).

And as we know when you have a car, you can still have problems – so bad, that in California we have “lemon laws” that give us the ability to get rid of a car that is a continual problem.  Yeah, you have to prove that this isn’t just a one-time problem, but a pattern.  It’s not an easy process.  But at least there is a law that provides you aren’t stuck with a lemon.

It’s harder when it’s a house – you sometimes are stuck with having to sue a builder or contractor, which means hiring an attorney and a bunch of experts.

And with a motorhome, you get . . . both a car (the chassis) and a house (the actual motorhome on top of the chassis.)  This hybrid nature is often problematic – as our guy at the PDI said, “Hey, these are made by people, not machines.”  Well, kindof.  Yeah.  I suspect the chassis always has fewer problems than the house part and it’s widely known that what is going to fail will not be the engine so much as the house on top of it.

So . . . I’ve read the horror stories and so we came equipped with a 100-point punch list that Bob cribbed together from lists out there plus his items he added on his own.

The good news is that at least a fair amount of the punch list items were taken care of or addressed at the PDI.  But we still had a lot of things to do in the coach on our trip to get through the rest of the list.

Now, Mike Thompson RV kindly comped us a couple of nights at a local RV park there in beautiful Colton, California.  What?  You don’t think Colton is beautiful?  Just smoggy and . . . I don’t know, hot and smoggy?  Well, you’re right mostly, but for a couple of days it was fine.

By the way, I know there are a lot of complaints about Mike Thompson RV and we had a few.  We had a bad feeling leaving their Santa Fe Springs store – the site of the very pushy sales manager.  At the time we went there, we were not that close to buying and told this guy that, but . . . you know, sales men have to sell.  I think it’s written in their book they’re handed on their first day or something.

So after that bad taste, we had almost written off the dealership and we had definitely written off another big Southern California dealership (nameless, but anyone from SoCal will have to know who I’m talking about) due to some very bad business practices.  But what happened with Mike Thompson was – we went to their Fountain Valley store a few months back and found that those guys weren’t pushy one bit.

Then we went back this last time and met Matt Mahoney.  Actually he walked up to Bob and started chatting while I was in the bathroom.  By the time I’d left said bathroom, Matt was practically pals with Bob and started showing us a few models.  By the time we met Matt on our last go-round, we were much closer to making a buying decision and so it worked.  I mean, he worked with us versus trying to sell us and even offered to drive the motorhome that we end up buying from the Colton store to Fountain Valley.  Matt walked us through the entire buying experience and he was great.

I know salesmen can really do a great job – Matt did a great job with us.  I never felt “sold” and he was about our age and stage of life (empty nester, near retired) and it was obvious that he was having a great time in the motorhome business.  You can always tell when someone likes their job – and it makes a difference.

Okay, so where was I?

I took a detour, but I did want to say – I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Mike Thompson and definitely Matt Mahoney as a salesperson to seek out.  He’s normally working in the Colton location, in case you’re wondering.


Front door

Front door


So now we’re here at our front door at the RV park.  We pushed the slides in and out, we cooked food, including oatmeal both days, we used the toilets, and slept in the bed.  We tested out everything we could think of, including the entertainment system.  In fact, we found out that indeed, the sub-woofer works (accomplished by Bob blasting the beginning of a DVD’s sound and Laura screeching in reaction to the blasting.)

So far, everything works fine.

All important picture of stinky slinky

All important picture of stinky slinky

Naturally, we have to include a picture of the sewer hook-up as well as the other hook-ups.  All of this worked fine and we were definitely glad to have used the gift certificate from Mike Thompson to buy the longer sewer line.  Yep – always a good thing!

The only thing that didn’t work well on this was the doohickey to open the water filter – even though it was the right size (it got swapped out at the PDI), it was so tight that Bob didn’t want to break anything trying to force it.  We’ll have to figure that out.

This baby is bigger than my fridge at home!  GAH!!!

This baby is bigger than my fridge at home! GAH!!!


Now, I love the residential refrigerator.  It’s a Frigidaire, as is the full size microwave.  I think we’re going to be happy that we got this versus the absorption fridge that many motorhomes have, since there is a lot less issue with fires.  But the other side of the coin is we’re seriously considering solar panels if we want to do any boondocking (well, longer than a day or two) because this fridge doesn’t run on propane as an alternate, only electricity.  See, it’s always a tradeoff.  Below are a couple of pictures of the inside of the fridge – we didn’t exactly load it up on this short trip, but you’ll note that there is beer and AND a few items in the freezer.  I’m in love with the french door style of fridge and lust for one for my home.

Note the beer

Note the beer



Nice big freezer! That means . . . ice cream!

Nice big freezer! That means . . . ice cream!


Well, what you can’t see with the freezer is that it has two baskets – a shallow one and a big deep one, too.

I’m going to add a few more pictures because honestly, I’m almost done here.  I’m sure Bob will be able to write much more intelligently about a host of other issues, but . . . things worked fine and we had a nice time.  And got to stay in an RV park, which was a first for me.  I don’t count the short trip to Joshua Tree mainly because it wasn’t that crowded.  Okay, maybe I should count it.   Okay, so this was my second time in an RV park, and one with people in it!

A note on the park, though.  I’m hesitating naming them, but I’ve decided to start doing reviews of RV Parks.  Once I get a widget on the blog, I’ll direct you to that and you can read reviews.  Just suffice to say – this is probably a fairly typical in town type of park – a fair number of people live there semi-permanently for mostly reasons like they’re working nearby and have a house somewhere else, or they’ve relocated to the area.

The guy next to us was one of semi-permanent residents.  Bob noticed he had a cool motorcycle, a Yamaha RD-400, and it was obvious he’d been a frequent flyer from way back.  Yeah, he’d done a lot of drugs in his mis-spent youth.  But a nice guy overall.  He and Bob and one of the other “neighbors” had a longish conversation about this and that (guy stuff).  Why was he living there?  Couldn’t get an apartment due to bad credit?  Liked the idea of moving at the drop of a hat?  I don’t know his story but he had one, of that I’m sure.

We brought the Breville Keurig coffeemaker because we can't wake up without the java

We brought the Breville Keurig coffeemaker because we can’t wake up without the java


A big-ass beer for Bob

A big-ass beer for Bob

Dining room or workspace? Or BOTH!

Dining room or workspace? Or BOTH!

When the two days were done, we drove our baby to our new storage unit. George will be staying in a sumptuous open air but covered RV storage unit in beautiful Bloomington. Much like Colton, it’s hot and smoggy. Which is why the storage is a lot cheaper than something closer to us. Here are a few pictures of the motorhome, the car and the space – it was a bit of a challenge to get him into the space, but once we were all done and George was snug as a bug in a rug, we drove home, wishing we were on the road!

We’re scheming for the next trip which is now just about a week away – MORE TO COME.

Getting George into his storage space

Getting George into his storage space

A tight fit as we have neighbors

A tight fit as we have neighbors

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